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Custom Builds

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Custom Built for Chuck

At a Glance
22" Barrel Length
5.5 Weight

Chuck from Idaho reached out to us to build the ultimate lightweight hunting rifle for extreme backcountry hunts. We went through available calibers and configurations. He kept coming back to the 25 calibers high BC bullets and wanted something different, yet still a lethal long-range viable hunting rifle. We settled on the 25SST from Sherman Wildcat Cartridge company. We were working with Rich Sherman as the cartridge designer, we built out a perfect rifle that weighs a mere 5.5 pounds and will perform amazingly. Since having the rifle, Chuck, friends, and family have had great success on multiple Elk, Deer, and bear in the 2019 and 2020 seasons! Congratulations are in order!

Rifle Specs:

Caliber: 25 SST
Barrel: 22" Triral Mountain Hunter
Action: Element Action
Colors: Sniper Grey (Snow Grey, Hogue Green, Tactical FDE)
Trigger: Calvin Single

     2 slot IRAS
     Thread protector
     Single stud

What the customer had to say

"I love the first custom-built 25SST so much that I am building another in 28 Sherman magnum exactly the same! Big brother to the little brother."