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About Us

Thomas Wolfe once defined that the American Dream is, "…to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity ….the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him."

Seekins Precision was founded in 2004 with the realization that it might be possible to carve out our own piece of the American dream. Glen Seekins comes from a long line of hard working entrepreneurs and it was only natural for him to become one himself, as if it was engrained into his DNA. Our business started from a simple need, quality scope rings and has expanded to over ten major product lines including our complete rifles.

The need for our scope rings came after Glen had returned from a deer hunt that resulted in him missing due to using rings that had unknowingly broken during his hunt. He realized he needed to make his own rings that would withstand the punishment the mountains in Idaho can dish out while hunting, but without the weight of heavy tactical steel rings. Fortunately, Glen’s background is in mechanical designing so he fired up his CAD program and over the next few evenings designed our flagship product, SP Scope Rings. He took his design to the machine shop where he was working and together they manufactured the first set of rings. The design has not changed since the first set he mounted on his own hunting rifle.

This was the turning point in our lives, Glen’s rings were extremely popular among our shooting community and his entrepreneurial spirit went into overdrive. Our business was officially formed from nothing more than a dream to be able to create our own destiny. Glen continued to work as a mechanical designer by day and built his rings at night on a rented CNC machine. He had minimal instruction of how to run the rented CNC, self-taught would be an understatement in describing his ability to learn how the CNC operated. I am pretty sure he would go days without sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night. This lasted for a few months and then we took the leap of faith and purchased a CNC and put it in our garage. However, the hours were still pretty much the same 4 am to work and then work till midnight and weekends to fulfil our business orders. During those days, Glen would manufacture, assembly and ship the rings out of our home garage and I would take care of the orders and accounting pieces of the business. In November 2005, we decided that Glen would quit his position and he would pursue the business full-time.

We moved our business from our garage to a local business incubator which was about 1,500 sq ft. The demand for our products was astonishing; we needed more space and more man power. By this time, Glen had designed and manufactured our first billet lower. He revealed it at SHOT show that year and when he returned he began designing our full line of AR products. In 2010, with the addition of more people and machinery we ran out of space and moved into the largest incubator available, 7,500 sq ft. Our business continues to grow and we are again out of space.

In August 2013, we purchased a piece of property and by March 2014 we have since moved into it. The new facility is over 25,000 sq ft with plenty of room to grow, since we quickly seem to consume any available space. This is truly our American Dream. Thank you to our wonderful customers and friends we have made throughout the years. Please come see us at 159 American Way, Lewiston, ID.