Why Seekins

Why Seekins Precision? For us, the answer is very simple – Commitment.

When you are choosing one company’s product over another, there are dozens of factors to research and evaluate. How is the accuracy? Is it reliable? What value are you getting for the price being asked? What is the warranty or accuracy guarantee?

Everyone that builds precision rifle equipment claims superior accuracy and quality. And most of them are not stretching the truth. When doing your research, you will always find groupings on targets that people are proud of, posted up for all to see, which explains why Brand X is the best. Here at Seekins Precision, we do build some of the most accurate firearms, parts, and accessories you will find—and our quality is second to none—but you already know that. That is just one reason some of the most discerning hunters, law enforcement, and special forces warriors around the world choose our platforms.

What you won’t see when scrolling through pictures (when you’re supposed to be working) is ultimately the most important part of your decision: The commitment that Seekins Precision has to you, our customer. Our satisfaction guarantee that covers every inch of every product is our commitment to you; we won’t box up a product that we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. We’re a quality-obsessed and customer-focused company. And the fibers of those beliefs are built into our culture, from the person who answers your phone call all the way to the crew that puts our product in a box and labels it with your name.

We will always go above and beyond to make sure you are well taken care of.

- Glen Seekins